Signature Cakes is a boutique that brings classic, scrumptious baked goodies with a gourmet twist. We specialise in cakes, cupcakes and macarons. We cater to the specific needs and ideas of the customers, so the cakes are custom designed with interesting flavours and combos. We procure fresh products for the stability of longer shelf life. We believe in the beauty around us and most of our designs are based on the real life subjects making us standout among the other cake designers.

Our specialities are butterscotch filled with caramel sauce and frosted with rose scented signature butter cream, dark rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate truffle or hazelnut spread and frosted with chocolate ganache, caramel infused sponge filled with rich creamy butterscotch sauce frosted with signature buttercream, Coconut sponge filled with caramelised spiced pineapple and frosted with coconut infused signature buttercream and Vanilla sponge filled with lemon butter or chocolate truffle and frosted with signature buttercream.

For theme cakes we concentrate on fondant covered ones and for drooling appetizing cakes we prefer frosting the cakes with our signature buttercream. A large variety of flavours are available in our selection of cupcakes; of which the apple cinnamon, piña colada, tiramisu and mocha hazelnut are among our bestsellers. We work personally with each customer to ensure that the cake design is as desired and that quality exceeds their expectations. All our designs are based on a theme or idea that the client provides. We do not recreate designs by other cake artists. However, clients are welcome to bring such images as inspiration for new designs and ideas. Customers can rejoice in knowing that your cake, based on your design is one of a kind. Made – Just for you.

The Chef

Arunthathi Vignesh





Butterscotch Sponge Cake

Filled and frosted with rose infused buttercream

Chocolate Delight

Chocolate sponge baked with loads of high end chocolates; filled and frosted with chocolate ganache

Vanilla Sponge Cake

Filled and infused with your choice of filling

Piñacolada Cake

Scrumptious coconut sponge with spiced pineapple and frosted with coconut infused buttercream

Deconstructed Tiramisu

Coffee infused sponge cake filled with chocolate ganache and frosted with rum infused buttercream

Lemon love

Vanilla sponge cake filled with lemon butter and frosted with lemon buttercream

Salted caramel

Caramel sponge cake infused with spiced apple cinnamon and frosted with caramel buttercream

Honey Cranberry Magic

Honey infused cranberry sponge cake filled and frosted with coffee buttercream

Orange Wonder

Orange sponge cake filled with marmalade and frosted with buttercream

Hazelnut Choco-melody

Chocolate sponge cake filled with homemade nutella and frosted with chocolate ganache

Lychee Fantasy

Vanilla sponge cake filled with lychee mousse and frosted with buttercream

Mocha chocolate love

Mocha sponge cake filled with caramel chocolate mousse and frosted with chocolate ganache



Vanilla Buttercream

Filled with vanilla infused buttercream - A Timeless Classic!

Chocolate explosion

Vanilla macarons filled with smooth chocolate ganache

Bittersweet lemon

Filled with lemon butter made with fresh organic lemons


Vanilla macarons filled with delightful coffee cream

Strawberry Wonder

Filled with strawberry mousse made from farm fresh organic strawberries